This might happen if you write about your money for 10 days

As a financial planner it never crossed my mind initially that writing about one`s finances and money habits can have some positive effects on your life.

I was taught that as a financial planner clients come and speak to you first and then they have more clarity on all things “money” in their lives.

I was mistaken

I have been a financial planner for the last 10 years and I can tell you for certain that the best start for any person wanting to know more about their finances should be a visit to the self.

Sounds maybe very mushy and all woolly- but hear me out.

My most successful clients (clients that are on top of their money, their spending plans and debt) have taken some sort of self-reflecting journey on how they want to do life. These clients are people that have some image for their future. It does not need to be a crystal-clear vision but there is something- a goal or a dream that they want to get to and they are unsure about the math.

Most of the time this involves money.

These same clients then come to me with a plan (sometimes very vague but they`ve got something)- they refer to this plan sometime throughout the session. This is when I realised that maybe encouraging writing down the thoughts and plans in your head might lead to a step closer to clarity so that you start asking the right questions when in session with a financial planner.

Some of you might not be overly excited about this and might think they do not have the time even.

I encourage you to try it for 10 days and take 15 minutes during your morning coffee and purge the stuff in your head on a piece of paper. It would be great if you write your thoughts in my journal (if you want to be super organized) but any blank book will do the thing.

There is no right or wrong- just write whatever is in your head related to your life right now and how you feel you are doing financially.

Herewith a few tips to get you going on journaling about your money thoughts:

  • Date your posts and entries. It is nice to always come back and reread your older posts later in life and see your progress.
  • Do not think too much about being correct – this is your journal and a space for writing down your thoughts -unedited.
  • The more you do this, the better you will get at writing and organising your thoughts.
  • Schedule time out in your routine for this- 15 minutes should do the trick in the beginning.
  • This will also make you feel less anxious as you are actually putting your plans into motion by writing it down and thinking about it.
  • Stuck on where to start- try answering questions like “How am I doing today”, “How are things in my life right now”, “My feelings about my life and my money have always been.”, “Things I want in life”, “Things I want to change in my life”. The list is endless but can be tricky to start off.
  • Writing down lists and numbering them is also a good start instead of paragraphs if that is your thing. Go crazy!

Let me know if you are currently journaling and for how long you have been writing your thoughts down?