About the Author

I am Jolandie and I am a Certified Financial Planner. This site is not about me but rather for all you females out there seeking more out of life.

This site and its products will be about learning, growing and creating a life of impact using money as a lever. It is important to know that it’s OK to care about money. Money is a tool and it can be a very powerful tool for change.

My goal is to start a more authentic conversation regarding women and money. Strange that even in the 21stcentury this is still necessary, but it’s now more important than ever! Whether you are a student , singleton or married , looking for extra income before becoming pregnant or to save more to travel. This site is here to help you reach those goals- as all goals somehow involve money.

We are told to dream, but we are rarely told how to build the steps to reach that dream. We hope do that here: one story, one lesson, one journal at time.

This journal is dedicated to living your best life. We’ve thoughtfully created a beautiful, nurturing space within these pages to guide, support and hold you as you fill it out. We want to help you develop a clear vision of what your ideal financial life looks like, then give you the tools to achieve it.⁠

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