Do you want to be happier?

Just like companies, people might want to consider doing a regular audit on their lives. I recently attended a futuristic workshop where a few futurists described the latest trends in the investment world and what changes took place over the last few years.

One of the obvious changes was the big reset during Covid where people literally reset their lives by either resigning, relocating or became very overwhelmed while doing this big life audit unconsciously.

I read an article by Inc. online that gave 34 important questions you can work through to gauge your current circumstances and to determine whether you are where you must be or not.

I am including these very confronting questions for you underneath to work through and see how you fare.

Maybe time to address some issues or perhaps being less hard on yourself?

  1. What are my assets and liabilities (not just things but also personality traits, skills, habits, etc.)?
  2. How could I be kinder to or support myself?
  3. How could I be kinder to or support others?
  4. What would I still like to learn and how could I do so?
  5. Do I have one to five good friends I can trust and count on?
  6. Do I feel energized, neutral, or let down about my work?
  7. Am I in good health or pursuing it to the best of my ability?
  8. Do I spend my free time doing a variety of enjoyable activities?
  9. What emotion is dominant for me?
  10. What do I get excited about consistently?
  11. What core principles (e.g., honesty) do I have, and how does my way of living reflect them?
  12. What would I do with more or less money?
  13. What am I grateful for and why?
  14. What do I regret and why?
  15. How close is what I’m doing professionally to what I dreamed of doing?
  16. Am I consistently challenging myself?
  17. What fears do I have?
  18. What are the top five words I think others would use to describe me?
  19. What are the top five words I would use to describe myself?
  20. Are the motivations behind my original goals still present?
  21. What do I find myself daydreaming about when I’m supposed to be doing other things?
  22. What is my financial or material standard of living, and have I achieved it?
  23. What in my current environment do I like or dislike?
  24. How am I influencing others for better or worse?
  25. Is my income stable?
  26. How is my weight?
  27. Do I feel confident in my appearance?
  28. Do I feel like I have worth?
  29. Can I do most things with independence and confidence?
  30. Am I able to make decisions easily?
  31. Am I able to lead myself and others spiritually?
  32. What goals do I have?
  33. Why didn’t I meet goals I’ve previously had?
  34. Am I engaged in personal development?


I hope this got you thinking.

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